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Rowling, mary grandpre october 1998 order in the next 7 hours 26 minutes and get it by tuesday, march 03. Welcome to the harry potter wiki, an encyclopedic resource and community gathering spot for all things related to j. Isolation by bexchan, harry crow by robst, pet project by caeria, we learned the sea by luckei1, the debt of time by shaya. I have become obsessed with reading the books fanfiction especially fem. Yet the books are wildly popular amongst children as young as age 5 and perhaps even younger. Best collection of harry potter fanfiction on the internet, bar none.

Goodreads allows fanfiction if they are completed, selfpublished, and booklength. All of the best novel length harry potter fanfiction stories. Ocs, some slash, few crossovers and other unique ideas. Harry potter fanfiction, pulled to publish fan fiction p2p fanfic, favorite fanfiction completed only, fanfiction. Goodreads allows fanfiction if they are completed, selfpublished, and book length. The five marauders james potter love story mirrorwild fantasy romance 1 day ago. Harry potter is owned by jk rowling and jk rowling only.

If there actually are any questions, ill answer after i wake up, thank you very much. Follow the doctor, harry, ginny, and others on their wild adventure to rescue sirius black and stop lord voldemort. Reading amaranth potter and the philosophers stone disclaimer. Emma weasleyblack, a third year gryffindor at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, has been desperately crushing on her best friend harry potter since first year. Harry snorted, i should be so lucky, was an odd thing to say about torture. Come and rediscover your favorite shows with fellow fans. Search people fiction fanfiction nonfiction quizzes. Fem harry potter reading the books morganscott231 wattpad. Harry potter fanfiction archive with over 818,006 stories. Baring minimal content, notably the falcon story and one liners, tmi is its own separate story. During fifth year, 7 mysterious books are delivered to one dolores umbridge. This is for all well written harry potter fanfiction that deals with harry growing up different to the cannon, azkaban, new worlds, taking control, and time travel, or some alternate version of harry potter. On 24 august, a harry potterthemed story was posted to fanfiction.

James potter, sirius black, remus lupin, and peter pettigrew, have joined forces with iris brooks and it couldnt have paired better. Amaranth astra potter fearing that the truth and h. City of bones goodreads meet your next favorite book. Rowling, has publicly stated that she intended for her harry potter books to be read by children approximately 10 years and up. Harry potter and the sorcerers stone 1997 harry potter and the chamber of secrets 1998. She is paired with lucius malfoy which i just love but i want to find one where harry is paired with snape. The other aunt a harry potter fanfiction book two is. A carefully collated selection of the best harry potter fanfiction out there. Norman lippert, james potter and the curse of the gatekeeper by g. Harry potter before harry s first year at hogwarts, he along with three others whom hes never met before end up magically stuck in a building with no choice but to read the seven books about his life. Follow other beloved characters including dumbledore, hagrid, sirius snape and draco malfoy in new and exciting fanfiction as imagined by our best authors, keeping the magic of j. Book of shadows chapter, a harry potter fanfic fanfiction.

Stories in which the harry potter characters read the harry potter books. Of course, they wont all be good, but therell be something to suit everyone. I admit this is a terrible story with a terrible plot and horrifying grammar, but it is my first harry potter fanfic ever, so it kind of still resides in a special spot in my heart. This is where all the business savvy harry potter stories can be kept. The largest known c2 community story archive solely dedicated to actual harry potter characters reading the harry potter books stories on this website. One summer, after the excitment of the quidditch world cup, ginny finds an interesting looking book called twilight by stephanie meyer. Harry potter 817k twilight 220k percy jackson and the. Harry potter has inspired a ton of fan fiction stories, but which ones are best to.

The curse is carried from birth and passed down from mother to daughter. Gathering in the great hall of harry potter and the wizards. All is well with the golden quartet until a secret is let out and the prisoner. The world slowly begins to change as harry learns not to be a rampaging dragon, hermione learns that books and logic are not everything, and nonmagical science and wizard studies finally begin to integrate. Concepts which are established parts of the books, or have been directly decreed by rowling as being part of the harry potter world. On archive of our own, there are over 160k more though some of them are crossposted. The golden trio era harry potter summary they all seemed to be midmovement, eyes hardened, with concentration and determination. Features next generation gen, marauders, and i will update rated for violence and romance. Harry potter fanfiction archive with over 818706 stories. Reading the harry potter series, part i strange hearts stories.

Umbridge, finally thinking she has a way to defeat potter and dumbledore summons everyone to the great hall to witness the reading of the books. Harry potter and the philosophers stone 4 angst 3 family 3 hurtcomfort 3 reading 3 female harry potter 3 other additional tags to be added 3 other tags to exclude more options crossovers. This is a fem harry potter x charlie weasley story. In harry s fifth year, hes sent to the room of requirement with several other people to read the stories of his life.

The novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, harry potter, and his friends hermione granger and ron weasley, all of whom are students at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Add to library 262 discussion 52 browse more fantasy harry potter romance. In this c2 youll find all kind of hp characters reading the books fics. Characters reading harry potter books works archive of. Harry potter is in our hearts forever, which is why we cant stop thinking about it. Dumbledore comes the next day and brings with him seven books, the harry potter books. This is not harry potter characters read fanfiction of fanfiction. James falls head over heels for this girl and will stop at nothing to get her, the only problem is shes just as headstrong as. A week after the battle of hogwarts, harry, ron and siblings, hermione, neville, and draco are sent back in time to the marauders era to read seven books about harry potter with all of hogwarts. If i coulda harry potter fanfiction muggle books wattpad.

Umbrige reads the forth harry potter book to the hogwarts students, staff, and a few special guests. I have just finished reading the 7 harry potter books under 24 hours, ama seeing as state mandated quarantine has caused me to be isolated, i decided to try to do this and managed in about 23. Notebooks and letters, originally posted on fanfiction. Here are ten headcanons that were accepted by the fandom.

Tags fanfiction harry potter hogwarts read harry potter book. Stephen fry harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. The events of the tournament proceed as in the book, though. I really hope everyone reads this, i love it more than the hp books. From delectable sweets to intoxicating drinks to mouthwatering treats, this is a community for businessminded harry. Umbridge was sent 7 books on amaranth potter s life in hogwarts.

Jan 25, 2019 there are currently over 608,000 harry potter fan fictions on. The harry potter wiki reveals plot details about the series. After a bit of hopping through fanfiction for the marvel. Before their permanent transformation, they have the ability to change shape at will, which becomes gradually. Dec 19, 2016 i was a weird onei came into harry potter fanfiction later in my life. Harry potter is a series of fantasy novels written by british author j. Characters reading harry potter books 49 fluff 8 alternate universe canon divergence 5 book 1. Stephen fry harry potter and the order of the phoenix.

Refer to the manual, or the goodreads librarians group. Its a classic type of fanfiction, reading the books. Make no mistake, there are still many elements of harry that we recognize from the hp books in this harry potter fanfiction. Harry potter book series 7 books harry potter and the sorcerers stone by j. Fans take canon and expand upon it, making the universe even bigger. If you grew up reading the harry potter books back when they were originally being published, you knew the agony of having to wait a year or. Org is not in any way associated with or related to fanfiction. It is true to say that cassandra clare started out as a harry potter fanfiction author, but not that the started out as a fanfiction that got its names changed. Coming in at about 300,000 words, it is a retelling of the last three books of the series. Quality, mostly novellength stories with original plots and welldeveloped characters. The main story arc concerns harry s struggle against lord voldemort, a dark wizard who intends to become immortal.

Girl completed adventure fanfiction humor april 25, 2018. The enduring magic of the harry potter effect 20 years later. And his sisters life, in hopes that they can change the future and change the lived of the people lost. While everyone was digging into and sugar quills getting their harry fix, i was still reading canon only pride and prejudice stories, and then, between 2008 and 2010, anything but canon twilight fics. Add to library 98 discussion 90 browse more adventure harry potter. A maledictus plural maledictuses is a female individual who carries a blood curse that eventually turns her into a beast permanently.

Harry and ginny are transported onto the tardis when they fall through the veil in the department of mysteries. Harry potter and the philosophers stone, harry potter and the chamber of secrets, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, harry potter and the goblet of fire, harry potter and the order of the phoenix, harry potter and the halfblood prince and harry potter and the. Add to library 9 discussion 11 browse more action fanfiction harry potter. Looking for lily and the marauders reading the books.

Concepts which are so popular, and used in so many fan fictions. Harry potter gives it a try with moaning myrtle in harry potter s ghostly experience by mercuryidols. Slash, mwpp era, new generation, timetravel, dursleys, etc. No, hermione had me copying out the rune script from that spell in my book, you know the one like the one we all have but only i have. Browse through and read harry potter kids fanfiction stories and books. There will be dumbledore and selective weasley bashing. Harry petter audio books free harry potter audiobooks online. The marauders, lily and her friends discover a book and a note, and begin to read. Seuss series 582 daughters of the moon 573 bartimaeus trilogy 570 bloodlines series, richelle mead 569 young wizards 562.

Bloomsbury childrens books publishing director, rebecca mcnally talks about the power the series still has. Net, under the title hogwarts school of prayer and miracles. I love one called nydia potter on fictionhunt but it is not finished even the first book. Many other characters also make an entrance, including but most definitely not limited to the most noble and ancient house of black. She, harry, ron, hermione, fred and george decide to read it and find out about bella and edwards love. Harry potter characters read the harry potter books. Characters reading harry potter books summary when a series of books are discovered detailing the first five years of harry potter s school career, dolores umbridge is excited, the teachers are worried, the students are curious, and harry potter is mortified. Thats not even considering the vast number of fics on ao3, or assorted livejournals.

Here is how the magical world reads about jasmine dorea potter s life. All adventure animemanga fantasy mystery romance action science fiction horror realistic humor thriller short stories historical poetry. The beast ultimately transformed into can vary based on the curse. While reading a book, most of us bring stories to life with our imagination and. Please message me with recommendations or to join staff. By kurt witherspoon harry potter, also known as the boy who lived, and more recently as the chosen one, in a tense showdown at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, defeated and killed youknowwho, widely known as the dark lord, and born under the name of tom marvolo riddle. Pairing neutral, no slash, and no character bashing. It includes time travel, reincarnation, master of death, dark. The golden trio sent them and a note for the weasleys to read. Stephen fry harry potter and the half blood prince.

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