Black diamond 35 ton log splitter owners manual

As with all power equipment, a log splitter can be dangerous if assembled or used improperly. Could i get a print or manual showing breakouts of my 35 ton blackdiamond logsplitter. Browse a variety of top brands in log splitter replacement parts such as northstar and powerhorse from the product experts. This operators manual is an important part of your new log splitter. When theres work to be done, you need outdoor power equipment you can rely on, this log splitter will get the job done fast. A log splitter, powered by electricity or gas, is a large machine with an attached wedge that allows the user to easily split log rounds by simply using a lever. Average assembly time is under 35 minutesaccommodates splitting in both horizontal or vertical positionsquare log cradle for quicker.

Black diamond 35 ton hydraulic log splitter farm and home supply. Black diamond 27 ton hydraulic log splitter javascript seems to be disabled in your browser. The black diamond 25ton log splitter is portable and built on a trailer base for easy transport, and the 3point splitter is stationary. This heavyduty black diamond log splitter should be able to handle just about anything you throw at it. This 25 ton yardmax yu2566 log splitter has a fast cycle time of 10 seconds. This wood splitter can operate in both horizontal and vertical log splitting positions. Never operate the log splitter when under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication or when otherwise not alert enough to operate this log splitter. Product manual for 24, 30, 37ton log splitters northern tool. It is designed to work in both the horizontal and vertical position. Lumber jack, performance built, yard commander, country pro, and more. Able to operate vertically or horizontally, and easily hauled around via the 2 ball coupler, the black diamond 37 ton log splitter is ready to work. Yardmax outdoor power equipment assembly and operation. Sep 22, 2019 the yardmax yu3066 above is easily the best 30ton log splitter for the winter of 201920. You can view the black diamond 25 ton log splitter owners manual here.

Most log splitter hydraulic pumps will be twostage pumps, meaning that they can force the liquid within them to move in two different directions, which allows for the hydraulic arm to be pushed forward to split wood, and also retracted so the machine can be reloaded with a. Oct 17, 2017 black diamond 35 ton log splitter cody valnes. The black diamond log spliter, splitting firewood the quick. Operate the log splitter from within the operation zone as shown in the. This dirty hand tools dht log splitter 100466 comes with a ch395 277 cc 9. The yardmax yu3066 above is easily the best 30ton log splitter for the winter of 201920. Black diamond 25 ton log splitter versus black diamond 3point log splitter. Black diamond log splitter accessories, warranty, and parts. Black diamond, forest king, lumberjack log splitter manufacturer jiashan superpower tools provide wood splitter and log splitter. Log splitters like all other mechanical devices need maintenance, having the owners or operators manual for your model wood splitter can be a great go to reference for service and repair information.

Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to help and get you the information you. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death. The ls25jtbd millers falls black diamond 25 ton manual start hydraulic log wood splitter has been built to split more wood with much less effort than ever before. Oct 09, 2017 the black diamond log splitter is the newest addition to our to a collection and so far it has been very impressive. Also protects the log splitter engine from falling logs. Page 1 owners manual and operating instructions 27 ton log splitter model number 92750 6 santa fe springs road save these instructions santa fe springs ca 90670 important safety instructions usa 18773380999 made in china are included in this manual. Average assembly time is under 35 minutesaccommodates splitting in both horizontal and vertical positionsquare log cradle for quicker, easier and safer splittingtotal cycle time is under 16 seconds2 ball couplercylinder. Woodchuck toolstimberjack, logging, log jack, chainsaw, forestry, log lifter. This log splitter splits both horizontal and vertical. Yardmax is a great choice, but champion is the another competitive brand that gives homeowners great value for the money, with reliability at its core. This log splitter was partially assembled at the factory. Warning read and understand this manual completely before using log splitter. Get 3 point log splitters and 22 ton log splitters from agri supply.

The black diamond log splitter is the newest addition to our to a collection and so far it has been very impressive. Whether you need a hydraulic filter or just cylinder repairs, we carry a wide range of log splitter parts to keep your firewood pile stocked, down to the valve joints, nuts, and washers. Outdoor hydraulic powered machine that splits wood logs. Failure to follow this important safety information may result in serious injury or death. You can always count on northstar and powerhorse log splitters to be strong, rugged and dependable. Whats the difference between the two black diamond 25ton log splitters that are on the market. Parts and service ytl offers prompt product repair and replacement services. About your 25 ton log splitter this hydraulic log splitter has a heavyduty steel construction and 25 tons of ram force. Who knew some company would design trailering equipment that poorly. Invest in a long lasting piece of equipment that will save you time, money, and energy in.

Follow the safety instructions in the manual and in decals attached to the product. Page 1 verticalhorizontal 35 ton log splitter model no. An electric log splitter plugs into a 110volt outlet and can typically split rounds up to 10inches in diameter. This safety alert symbol identifies important safety messages in this manual. Hydraulic log wood splitter millers falls black diamond 25. Earthquake 32228 earthquake w500 electric log splitter. Black diamond 35 ton log splitter manual news latest update news about black diamond 35 ton log splitter i have to say that this log splitter has far surpassed all of my expectationsliving in san diego i don t have access to very much oak, however, eucalyptus is a. Our commercial 30 ton horizontalvertical gas log splitter includes a 9 in. All operators must read this manual before operating this log splitter. Dirty hand tools 1036 fits dirty hand tools log splitters.

Log splitter parts, woodsplitters, hydraulics for log splitters. All kinds of different machines meet the needs of many different customers. Before operating this log splitter make sure that you wear safety gear such as goggles or safey. It is operational in both vertical and horizontal positions, has a single handle auto return reversing valve, external oil filter, and 11. Do not operate this log splitter if you have doubts or questions concerning safe operation.

Refer to the engine owners manual for your particular log splitter. The dirty hand tools large log table quickly attaches to 22, 27, 28, and 35 ton log splitters. Call our customer service department at 18005258322 to address these concerns. Learn about yardmax outdoor power equipment assembly and operation in these easy to read and follow owners manuals for our wide range of products. Its one of the many heavyduty log splitters covered in this article. Manual log splitter wedge diamond wedge 4direction steel splitting wedge, wood wedge, wood splitter wedge tool, 4 lbs. It includes a 429cc engine and is able to work both horizontally and vertically to help you get the job done quickly. Nobody said read the small label by the trailer hitch and i did not recieve a manual with the purchase. Accommodates splitting in both horizontal and vertical position.

Black diamond log splitter 25 ton north40outfitters. Rural king depending on what the relief pressure is set at, 14gpm is going to work that little kohler pretty hard. The one above is for a smaller scale operation, probably a home or barn. Are you looking for a powerful, durable and superior log wood splitter at a great price. The hydraulic pump controls the flow of fluid within the pump system. I just got a black diamond log splitter and before i got it home the wheel bearing went out. Shop a large selection of log splitters for home or professional use that range from 1.

Before operating this log splitter make sure that yo. Yardmax 25 ton horizontal vertical log splitter yu2566. If you are interested in the black diamond 37ton log splitter, you can read. Black diamond log splitters are an investment made to work with you. Experience a quick and easy way to split hardtohandle logs into pieces with the black diamond 35 ton professional grade log splitter.

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