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Much like the hotel california, quicksand, or financial debt, it is far easier to get into redwater rte one. Here is everything you need to know about the new drama including its trailer, cast, start time and episode count. Redwater tv show season 1 episodes list next episode. You couldnt leave the audience in the dark over what has become of two of the shows biggest characters. Redwater also known as redwater is a britishirish drama series that started on. Shane richie and fionnula flanagan in kat and alfie. Vera season 8 premiere promo by arizona public media. Brenda blethyn would love another series of vera lorraine by lorraine. Should she stay in ireland, and how will this affect life on bryne farm. Episode 1 kathleen and alfie moon arrive in the sleepy irish village of redwater on a quest to find kathleens longlost son. Major redwater spoiler leaks online after show airs in. Download subtitles for episode 4 when keiran is forced to face his fear of water, past memories flood back.

The irishset eastenders spinoff redwater kicks off on. Whilst it builds on fragments of story touched on in eastenders, redwater is largely standalone, so you dont need to be a. Cookies websites use cookies that have been placed on this site by its operator. Heres what people have been saying about redwater, the. Eastenders spin off redwater has seen a signifcant drop in viewers in both ireland and the uk since the first episode aired two weeks ago. They uncover a secret the village wished had stayed buri. Some are naughtysexy, some are cutesexy, some are adorablesexy bruna. Dont press play though im not sure if it matters that.

With agnes pushing for the moons to leave, alfie agrees that tommy needs to get back to school while secretly worrying about his own health. Redwater series and episode guides tv from radiotimes. Redwater is set in rural ireland, which might seem an odd choice of location given the calamity that ensued last time eastenders set foot there. Redwater family tree confirmed as characters links to. Andrew peter campion, son of roisin maria doyle kennedy and padraig stephen hogan and wife of local garda bernie susan ateh, seems the perfect fit. Agnes fionnula flanagan thinks it is time the moons left redwater. Redwater is a tv show on british national television from bbc1 with an average rating of 3. Dtc has said the series ends on the mother of all cliffhangers so, if redwater itself doesnt come back, then the outcome will have to be resolved in eastenders. Season 1 guide for redwater tv series see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Eileen is shaking up the brynes family with her plans for cois dara. The eastenders spinoff show will premiere on may 14 on rte one at 9. The new series for actors wallace and richie was confirmed on 4 april 2015 by treadwellcollins. Redwaters mistakes have confused viewers after just one episode credit.

Redwater loses over 100,000 viewers between first and. Redwater a sixpart miniseries drama has started on rte one. Despite promising alfie that she will keep a low profile, kat cant rest and is on the hunt for possible suitors who might be her son. Three months after the new eastenders spinoff finished its debut 6episode run, the bbc network officially confirmed that kat and alfie. Full list of irish tv shows streaming online reelgood. Kat jessie wallace, in the chilling closing scenes of this weeks episode. If youve been watching new drama, redwater, you mightve wondered about its gorgeous setting in a fictional irish seaside town called redwater. The first of the six hour long episodes will debut on rte one tonight at 9. The cast of redwater, which was filmed in wicklow, includes. Redwater playwright conor macphersons drama is a chilling portrait of boredom and badness, with a superb central performance from denise gough andrew billen. Episode 1 writer matthew graham said the series is familybased and character based. Redwater has been cancelled and will not be back with series 2.

A major spoiler from eastenders spinoff redwater has leaked online. The story continues from an eastenders stroyline where kat moon jesse wallace found out that when she gave birth to her daughter zoe, there was another baby, a boy, who was zoes twin. We call it dubh new tv series redwater, an eastenders spinoff filmed in wicklow and waterford, explores the irish roots of its dark secrets. Redwater sees kat jessie wallace and alfie shane richie journey to the eponymous town, a picturesque seaside idyll in ireland, in search of kats longlost son. Heres our verdict as we reach the spinoff dramas halfway point. Kat and alfie moons spinoff began with a flashback. By james barker on june 22, 2017 culture, television. Eastenders spinoff redwater to air on rte one 4 days ahead of its bbc broadcast. So bad couldnt watch anymore or give a tinkers cuss about what happened or who did. Were starting to get worried for the eastenders favourite.

Redwater ended in a dramatic cliffhanger last night leaving viewers extremely concerned for kat and alfie moon whose lives hung in the balance. Are you the one season 7 episode 11 full episode video. Track redwater new episodes, see when is the next episode air date, series schedule, trailer, countdown, calendar and more. Last night bbcs eastenders spinoff redwater aired on bbc one. The most frustrating thing for the fans regarding the cancellation is that the finale of redwater ended with a huge cliffhanger and now fans are dying to. Originally aired as one halfhour episode per week for a limited run, the show is now broadcast year round on rte one in four episodes per week, all of which.

Alfie shane ritchie agrees that tommy henry proctor needs to get back to school and has his own secret concerns regarding his health. When kat and alfie moon arrive in search of kats longlost son, kats quest for the truth uncovers secrets that the village of redwater would rather were. In episode 1, lance is seen in a flashback, where he rescues a young dermott. Redwater suffers from classic soap problems, with constant twists thatll give you whiplash. The sixpart series, which was filmed in dunmore east, co waterford and co wicklow over five months last year tells the story of what happens when kat jessie wallace and alfie moon shane ritchie travel to ireland in search of kats longlost son. Redwater is a tiny, picturesque irish harbour village, a quiet rural idyll by the sea where the kelly and dolan families have lived for generations. Download subtitles for episode 5 eileen is shaking up the brynes family with her plans for cois dara. Redwaters alfie moon, agnes byrne, adeen kelly, lance byrne and kat moon credit. Family tensions rise as eileen realises how much she and keiran have missed by moving to the us. It was created by dominic treadwellcollins as a sixpart series based on the characters kat moon, played by jessie wallace, and alfie moon, played by shane richie, from the soap opera eastenders. Kat and alfie concludes tonight at 8pm on bbc one with the final episode in the six part series heres all we know from the cast and start time to spoilers and a. Despite the thrilling start to the drama, viewers have been left. The plot twist from the show which features kat and alfie moons hunt for her son.

Navigate to the tg4 player, and visit the page of the episode you want to download. After nearly a year of rumours and hype, and a seriously dark, moody and mysterious trailer, kat and alfie moons eastenders spinoff show redwater finally hits our screens tonight. Eastenders kat and alfie moon return to our screens tonight in new bbc spinoff show redwater. T he bbc series, which airs on rte on sunday nights. Redwater rollercoaster has only just begun reveals star.

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